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Nothing is as permanent as change; nothing is as rewarding as change. Every progress entails making changes. Success comes at the expense of change. To resist change is to resist growth. To be held captive by the fear of change is to be a captive of failure.

Everything and everyone changes with time; seasons and phases of life change. However, when we become passive, we become the victim of change; when we anticipate change, create change and direct change; we become a winner in the game of life.

 When you cannot change your mind, you cannot create in your life changes and when you cannot make changes your life cannot grow. To become all that you were created to be, you must leave what you are. To live your dreams you must leave your comfort zone. If you do not respect the need to change, you won’t create the changes that make for growth.

When you change yourself, everything about you changes. When you grow your mind, everything about you grows. When you become open to new ideas, you become open to new opportunities. Until patterns and traditions are broken there will be no breakthrough. Defending your faults and errors is defending your position of failure.

Change is the demand for success. To fear change is to court failure. The responsibility of success is to continually grow you and to grow you is to create positive changes inwardly and outwardly.

Live outside your comfort zone-Change!     

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