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  • When you control the way you think you determine how you live.
  • Eject your history; inject your dreams and play out your destiny.
  • When you step out of your comfort zone you step into your dream living zone.
  • When you release the brakes you break the limits and launch into a new and higher horizon of accomplishments.
  • Release the past and rehearse the future you can’t wait to live.
  • Let go of negative images and hold onto the positive images of the life you want to experience.
  • To train yourself to live beyond limits your mind must be trained to grow beyond limits.
  • Limiting beliefs are limiting brakes that halts destiny from progress.
  •  Your net-worth always corresponds with your perception of your self-worth.
  • The quality of your mindset determines the quality of success sustained.
  • Mentality determines actuality.

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