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  • When you separate who you are from what happens to you, you separate yourself to win in the game of life.
  • When you do the right thing at the right time you end up in the right place at the right time.
  • The fast lane is not always the winning lane.
  • What you say is as important as what you do; both reveal who you are.
  • To give up is to go down.
  • You are never defeated unless you give in.
  • Until you grow your mind you cannot change your mind; until you change your mind you cannot change your actions and change is the only constant factor of success.
  • Your gifts make you a gift to the world and your character secures the value of your gifts.
  • The ability to concentrate your mind on a particular task until when done produces maximum returns on energy.
  • Value quality over quantity if you must keep increasing value.

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