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Fear takes root when the mind is inactive or passive. The mind left by itself will breed fear and all other negatives.  But when you become aware of what you think about, you will be able to choose right and positive thoughts filled with faith and courage and reject fearful thoughts. Permitting fear to permeate our minds weakens the will and its torrent torments our minds and emotions cascading to our entire life.

Going against your conscience is going to the fear zone.Wrong doings activates the operation of fear in life.  Whenever we go against our moral conscience and engage in wrong behavior or even when we “behave right” for the wrong reasons (wrong motives) we permit fear to take root in the form of guilt. But guilt gives us a “danger alarm” that we should be honest and change our minds for the better; right wrongs; change our course of action; apologize and move on to be better.When we handle guilt with absolute honesty, guilt leads to conviction and a change from the inside-out. However, when we become dishonest about our wrong doing by rationalizing, justifying, playing the blame game and becoming too self-absorbed to even care, then fear takes root and self-condemnation sets in which drivesthe individual to perpetuate the wrong actions which leads to an ignoble lifestyle engrossed in fear.

There can also be a false guilt wherein the individual takes up the burden of wrong doing of another in the case such as childhood rape; abuse and also taking the burden of the negative happenings which was outside the control of the individual but he or she blames self for not averting it.

Lingering guilt breeds shame as the individual becomes a captive of secrecy and in bondage to self-deception; consequently, the root of fear becomes strengthened.

Many people experienceconditional love (performance based love) from their childhood from those closest to them and from the authoritative figures in their lives with loads of criticism; faultfinding; labels; comparison; fear then takes root which showcases itself in the feeling of inadequacy or low self-esteem which steals confidence and a maximized life.

Giving in to fear is giving up on becoming what you were created to be. Step up and let courage take you up to the top of yourdreams.

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