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Facing life boldly is facing up to your fears.

Tormenting and self-defeating fears are rooted in deceit-the misrepresentation of the truth and the representation of lies.  It is the acceptance and believing in lies that are being perceived as truths and these false beliefs consolidates in the subconscious to form a stronghold that issues out the negativities of life.

Fear originates from darkness; it thrives in ignorance and flourishes negativity and limitations. It blinds our sense of perception and understanding of truth and draws its strength from the senses that have been illusioned.

Where the mind is set, your life sets in. when you capture your thoughts into positive pattern, you will never be held captive by fear. Fear gains root whenever we relinquish our ability to take possession of our minds by permitting our minds and imagination to run out of control.

The feeling that much of our lives is out of our control breeds fear. Life is full of uncertainties and the feeling of uncertainty generates fear. When we feel helpless to change the circumstances of our lives our minds becomes rooted in fear. Whenever we feel we are losing control of our lives we lose out to fear.When our imagination are out of control we begin to imagine the worst happening, we plunge ourselves into a fearful state known as worry.

At the core of evil is the root of fear. Misfortune envelopelife when fear develops, and holds hostage the fortune of destiny. When we eliminate fear and selfishness we eliminate the root of all human problems.When you engage in fear you transact with evil. Fear is a convicted state of failure.

Courage is the liberating force of life. Without courage a meaningful and purposeful life is a mirage.

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