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  • Rejection is just an ejection for you to move away from people who cannot tolerate you and move towards people who will celebrate you.
  • You don’t need to close every sale to be a success but you do need to close down discouragement to be a success.
  • People who have sound moral character do not feel the need to “fight” to protect their reputation for they have only their character to protect.
  • Nobody really knows you, so nobody can really define you – your abilities, potentials and your future.
  • Slanderers always fall headlong in their onslaught.
  • When you know what you are about you never “beg” anyone to believe in you – value and worth must be discerned.
  • Never strive to look good rather look for ways to do good.
  • Ignorance and fear are the greatest destroyers of mankind.
  • Your daily routine produces the outcome of your life.
  • Treat people right if you want your life to turn out right.

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