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MENTAL DIET: Say Yes To Life – SOAR! (Part 6)

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Benjamin Mays observes, “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goals. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach for. It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. Not failure, but low aim, is a sin.”

Life becomes a meaningless ordeal when you are not inspired to aspire to aim for the height of accomplishing the dreams of your heart.

Ideas never build an empire unless it is acted upon. Everything remains in a static state unless a force of action is applied to it. The power to make things happen is the ability to consistently engage in actions that create the momentum to make things happen. Putting the difficult but important task off is only putting off your chances of accomplishment.

Procrastination is the dilemma that writes off dreams through a put-off. Put off procrastination, put on action lest you give up living your dreams. Ideas must be worked out before it can be wrought out. Unless an idea is acted upon it becomes stale. You reach the top by climbing the ladder of responsibility one step at a time. You never get to the summit of your dreams until you take the first step.

You will never reach the summit of your dreams if you quit midway. Consistent, purposeful, and focused actions in the direction of your dreams demarcate the winners from the losers.

Be a thoroughbred, follow up, and follow through on your commitments and plans. The actions you engage are a dream reflector, procrastination is a dream deflator.

Commitment is when passion and persistence meet to produce your dreams. To be connected to success, you must be committed through the journey. Discharge your excuses and recharge your commitment to act on your dreams. Act now on your most important activities every day.

To put off procrastination and put on purposeful action you must heighten the intensity of the desire for accomplishment than choosing the immediate gratification of the trap of the status quo. Until desire is in place, commitment will be out of place.

An intense desire to accomplish your dreams must be found in you before committed action will flow through you. At the beginning of the project or goal comes with thrill of the excitement of potential accomplishment.


As you begin to act on your dreams gliding through progressively, however, at mid-way life will test the level of your commitment to your dream before life hands over to you its vault of valuables- your dreams.

In the middle of the voyage towards your dreams you will encounter storms; setbacks, difficulty, failing attempts, or even monotony that produces boredom, all these are to test your commitment. Life will never release to you its vault of valuables when your level of commitment is half-hearted.

Life’s game is always played on a full-time; full effort; a full-hearted basis that produces full-blown results. At mid-way, you need to get your internal motivation heightened by an excellent quality mental diet by reading and listening to inspiring books and messages; then reflect on your previous actions and re-strategize when appropriate; learn from what did not work and seek to create winning outcome; get enthusiastic about your dreams and plunge into unreserved actions for deserving results.

What are your most productive hours of the day? What time of the day are you most highly inspired or motivated to perform your best? Plunge into those creative and energetic hours and perform your most important task that will make the most difference in your life.

Supercharge your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical energy for maximum return on energy in accomplishing your dreams. You must maximize the moment if you want to maximize your destiny.

The Law of Value states “Do not waste your time on thoughts, people, or actions which are not worthy. Do not waste your thoughts on ideas that are not worthy. Do not waste your energies on activities that are not worthy. Do not waste your money on that which is not worthy”.  Waste makes haste to make life void of value. You must make the most of your time if you want to make the most of your life.

Build on small successes to build up your confidence to accomplish big successes. Take the big dreams or goals break them into piecemeal sizes, and work at it until you break through to the big goals and break out into the accomplishment of your dreams.

Create an accountability system that thrives on a sense of responsibility by prioritizing your tasks or activities daily and getting to work on the most important tasks first and thoroughly completing them before moving on to the next less important tasks. The rule is: stay at it until you thoroughly complete it.

Eliminate the excuses and embrace results. Work to get results rather than work to retain excuses. Work to create success rather than work to justify failure. Failure is not an option but success is a choice. Therefore, work hard and work smart.

Compete with yourself to be and do your best at all times. Strive to always outdo your previous performance. To excel in life, exceed your goals- put in extra effort to create extraordinary results.

There’s no perfect time to live your dreams. Seize the moment. Now, is the time to live your dreams; you must leave your fears and live your dreams. Step out to live your dreams and you will not step down to live in mediocrity.

Visualize success; see yourself successfully accomplishing your dreams. What you mentally picture, you will out-picture in your experience. Imprint success images on the canvas of your imagination and you will express it in the domain of your life.

The prize is for the patient. Be actively patient and flexible. Be rigid in your target but flexible in your approach or plans. Give allowances for the unexpected but never lose sight of the expected – your dreams.

Take charge of your response to the events of life and you will change the course of your life. Maximize your vacuum time; waiting time, delay time, and travel time by investing in yourself through self education-reading books or listening to inspiring messages that help you grow.

Positive thinking mixed with positive actions will produce positive results. Be a “Do it now” person.

 Now is the time to be happy.

Now is the time to act on your dreams.

Now is the time to say yes to life.

 Now is the time to soar!            

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