Once upon a time, a man set out in search of gold, he labored for weeks and suddenly hit a fortune-he discovered a gold-mine. There was an obvious challenge; he needed machinery to bring the ore to the surface. In search of a solution to the pending challenge, he informed his relatives and neighbors of his discovery and his need. Money was raised for the needed machinery and it was shipped. He went off to work again on the mine and he thought he had it made. The first car of ore was mined and shipped to a smelter. Then afterward, the vein of gold ore disappeared. He was disappointed as they had not yet turned insufficient money to pay the debt. However, they dug in desperately but eventually quit in utter frustration as they could not hit their target.

The man decided to sell the machinery to a “junk” man for a few hundred dollars. The “junk” man decided to call in a mining engineer to inspect the mine. The mining engineer disclosed that the team who quit was ignorant of fault-lines and it was calculated that the vein would be found just 3 feet from where the man had stopped drilling. And the engineer was absolutely correct. The “junk” man suddenly became a millionaire.

From the inception of time, mankind quest has been in search of solutions; it’s a soul’s craving. Mankind has grapple externally to find solutions to the problems within and without him.

Each day we are confronted with problems that cry out for solutions, however, just as the goldmine is found in the heart of the earth rather than on the surface of the earth, the solutions to life aching problems could be found in the heart of man.


Buried within each of us is a gold-mine that needs to be discovered, exploited and maximized. However, only a few people discover and maximize the gold-mine within. The majority of people are continually in search outside themselves for the solutions to change their circumstances.

As James Allen rightly reveals, “People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they, therefore, remain bound”. As long as you search externally for solutions to change your circumstances without working inwards you will be held bound to the ground unable to soar.

Before you get to the gold-mine tons of dirt must be excavated, all the while in search for the gold.  So it applies to human lives; before you can get to the depths of treasures within (assets), you must excavate the dirt-weaknesses, negative habits and all forms of negative emotions (liability) all the while not losing sight of the gold. And as we reach to hit the treasures within we are so enthralled to having discovered incredible gifts and infinite treasures within, however, as you begin to develop it, refine it and attempt to maximize it, you get stuck from its flow and you become disappointed all the while having a second thought that opportunities seem to elude you.

You begin to dig deeper in order to harness a greater dimension of the treasures within but all that you encounter are more dirt (weaknesses or liabilities) and the gold seems nowhere to be found. And in utter frustration you quit the search for the gold and settle in for a life of mediocrity, selling out, all the while passing blame and searching for an external lucky break without realizing that the internal brakes have been put on.

It is disheartening to observe people with great intelligence, incredible gifts, and talents journey through life as dismal failures because they lacked the strength of character and quit too soon.

However, a “junk” man which could imply a person of a lowly background, average intelligence, with little or no obvious spectacular gifts or talents digs in with tenacity removing the tons of dirt or character flaws and weaknesses to get to the gold and when he or she reaches a blockade the individual seeks wise counsel from someone who is a model of wisdom in the area of challenge, the individual receives wise counsel and applies it and suddenly he or she begins to soar as dreams are being lived out.

The major help you need in life to become all that you were created to be lies within you; creativity, discipline, determination, passion and much more are all in you. Only minor help comes from without.

It’s one thing to have great gifts and talents, it’s another thing to have great character to ascend to great heights in order to showcase and maximize your gifts and talents. It’s one thing to get thrilled with your dreams, it’s another thing to work on yourself and on your dreams never giving up until you win and keep on winning.

You never learn to soar until you work to improve yourself on a daily basis and you never reach great heights until you persist in working on yourself and on your dreams.

Say yes to life-soar! Yes, you can! Yes, you will!          



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