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Your dominant thoughts are the dominant forces of your life working to create and attract your dominant experiences and circumstances. What you think about consistently you become insistently.  What you believe you will behold; what you behold you will behave and what you behave you will create and attract into your life.

 Depreciating conditions of life perpetuates when the condition of the mind deteriorates. Take out the trash from your mind if you do not want to experience a destiny crash.


Your neck-up determines your move up and there are no limits to how farther you can go. Your neck-down is very limited in value. Unfortunately, people spend large chunks of time and money feeding and tending to the neck-down while neglecting or even ignoring the neck-up and they wonder why their lives are not moving up.

You’ve got to unlearn old limiting and degrading thought patterns, learn and relearn principles that make for a high-soaring destiny and act on them. You are what you physically eat and just the same way you become what you mentally eat. Input determines output. 

Block out negative thoughts from dwelling in your mind by thinking about the positives and you will lock out a failing life and hook up to a soaring destiny.

The law of substitution states you can only hold one thought at a time; either positive or negative thought. Intentionally feed your mind daily with uplifting, inspiring information.

  • Give yourself to reading, meditation, reflection, and visualization and affirming what is noble, good, and uplifting such as the Scriptures and other great inspiring books as you create your ideal life.
  • Listen to inspiring and motivational messages and music that upholds the good and builds you up, helping you gain altitude.
  • Watch empowering television, videos and movies that will make you become a better person and inspire you to greatness.
  • Have a plan for personal and professional development.

People who complain of lack of time to intentionally feed the mind with good books or materials usually lack the perception of value of their self-worth and destiny. Build a life of wisdom for yourself and you won’t labor in a life of foolishness.

Therefore, invest in good materials and feed on them and you add good value to your life and consequently, good value will flow through you to others.



It has been ascertained that 95 percent of emotions are determined by self-talk – the way you talk to yourself and your explanatory pattern. When you master your self-talk you master your thoughts, feelings, and actions consequently, you master your future.

For Further Reading on Self-talk: 


Focus on where you want to go while maximizing the present rather than focusing on where you have been and the problems of the present. Your life will always move in the direction of your focus.    

You’ve got to train yourself to think and talk about the things you want; you’ve got to train yourself to take control of your mind and keep your thoughts focused on where you want to go and what you must do to get there. Focus on how you can succeed and also on how you can help others succeed. Become solution driven rather than problem conscious.

Therefore, stop reviewing problems in your mind rather review your goals and renew your mind towards solutions and act on your resolutions.

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