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Every nine months pilots go for recurrent training and check rides. Flying demands a mentality and the mind must be consistently trained and retrained to retain and sustain the principles of flight.

So it applies. Destiny demands a mentality and to attain and sustain a high soaring destiny the mind must be consistently trained and retrained to retain and maintain the momentum of high-soaring principles that produces an ever increasing altitude in destiny.


Medically, everyone has a heart condition and our heart condition determines our physical health condition. The heart condition can either be optimal or deteriorating. The heart condition is very vital to life. A deteriorating heart condition poses a threat to life. In fact, a heart attack can cause the death of the physical body.

Likewise, everyone has a mental condition and our mental condition determines the health and well-being of every facet of our lives; it determines our economic health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health, physical health, relational health and our sense of inner fulfillment.

In other words, if we have a positive mental condition we will experience a thriving economic condition, emotional stability, and peace of mind, spiritual growth and sound mental development, sound physical health, happy and fulfilling relationships with people and fulfilling life.

On the contrast, if we have a negative mental condition we experience poverty, ill health, relationship crisis, stunted or declining spiritual and mental growth, emotional turmoil, and inner emptiness.

In fact, a negative mental condition can perpetuate itself to all areas of life and cause the death of success which establishes the reign of failure in life. Our mental condition is determined by the choice of our thoughts and the level of consciousness we operate in.

 We were designed to lead balanced lives growing, expanding and unfolding spiritually, mentally and materially which births love, joy, peace, wealth, true expression and true place in life. Every condition experienced in life is preceded by a mental condition.


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