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When Berlin was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin, a group of East Berliners dumped a whole truckload of garbage on the West side.

The West Berliners thought of revenge, but then later changed their minds. Instead, they filled a dump truck with canned goods and other nonperishable food items, went over to the East side, stacked it neatly, and put a sign beside it.

The sign read, “Each gives what each has to give.” You can give to the world only what you have. And the level of investment you have made in your personality determines what you have to offer.


“You have not lived today successfully unless you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you”

  • John Bunyan

People, who keep moving forward with a sense of inner fulfillment habitually ask, “How can I help you?” This category of people has understood that they can never be truly successful unless they help another in whatever way they can to succeed with their lives.

 In other words, if you want to become all that you were created to be you must live beyond yourself and help others in whatever way you can to become all that they were created to be.

That seems contrary to the world’s competitive culture of “me-first living” where we measure our success against another and try to crush or become too engrossed with ourselves to even care about helping another.

Get out of your way to help someone and you will get out of your own way of experiencing the joy of living.


“The solution to a problem I had wrestled with for three sold months came to me when I completely forgot about my needs and became engrossed in finding a way to meet the needs of others.”

  • Zig Ziglar.  

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody

“An important job had to be done, and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it and that Somebody would do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”

  • Anonymous.

You are response-able for creating solutions or becoming part of the solution in the world. To be responsible implies you are response-able for effecting positive changes in your life and within your sphere of influence.

Complaining about the problem and blaming someone else for the problem makes for irresponsibility which immobilizes your response-ability and makes you powerless.

The more you are response-able for creating solutions the greater will be your sphere of influence. The more you are response-able the greater will be your reward in the domain of life. Highly successful people have a high level of response-ability in creating solutions


The extra mile route leads to the extras of life. When you exceed expectations in all your dealings with people in your personal and professional relationships, life will reward you in unexpected ways.

The extra mile route is the stretch zone where you stretch to release your potential and stretch out to make a difference in the lives of others by creating value and adding value to others.

Walking the extra mile is walking in the shoes of another to better understand the position of another in order to influence and help another. It is putting in the extra effort that makes for promotions in the domain of life. Walking the extra mile is your willingness to serve others.

Reach within then reach out and you will stretch out into untold frontiers of a rewarding life.   


“Do all the good you can

To all the people you can

In all the ways you can

For as long as you ever can.”

  • D. L. Moody

Generosity is a lifestyle of giving and giving is living rather than just existing. Tell me where your money goes and I will tell you the kind of person you are. Where your mind goes your money goes and where your money goes your mind goes.

When you give lots of money to help people you will care about the success of people and when you care about the success of people you will give lots of money to substantially help people succeed in their lives in a way that will not hurt them but for their highest good.

To be rich enrich others; to be poor make others impoverishedRiches is not in how much you have accumulated but rather it is in how much you have given away in ways that will help others fulfill their destiny – that creates an enduring legacy.


“The purpose of life is not to win. The purpose of life is to grow and to share.

  • Rabbi Harold Kushner.

The gift of yourself requires your time and attention. It is a commitment you make to others to be there for them rather than an obligation. It is your personal investment in the lives of others which money cannot buy. Money cannot take the place of the gift of yourself especially in your personal relationships and with those close to you.

Life can be changed with just a few minutes of your time and attention. An encouragement, a compliment, a smile, a listening ear, a friendly attitude, etc can help to lift up another.

 However, you must place a high value on people; you must listen and seek to understand others to become aware of what they value; you must consistently grow yourself to become a person of tremendous value in order to give out great value to others and most importantly love people unconditionally because God loves each of us unconditionally. Therefore, we must uphold what God upholds.

 When you give of yourself in helping others in a balanced way you become irresistible and a magnet for good.   

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” –      Zig Ziglar.

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