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Limiting self-suggestion impedes self-actualization and the maximization of destiny. When you dwell on the possibility of failure your failing conditions of life persist. However, when you develop a success consciousness you become irresistible to success.

Self-talk or self-suggestion is the crucible that shapes your self-esteem, and performance controls your actions and directs the course of your life. You ascend to new heights when you elevate your self-talk. We direct our destinies by what we affix in our minds and affirm with the words in which our actions flow.

When you rid yourself of the rubbles of negative self-talk you will rid yourself of most of your troubles. There are no fates, there are only ill-fated words that leave life fatal. We are the master of our destinies and we direct the course of our lives by the cause within us.

Through self-talk, you either build subconscious strengths or weaknesses. When you forge positive affirmations you purge your mind of thoughts of failure and weakness which makes you forge ahead with confidence in actualizing your goals.

Affirmation is the potent force that makes you become a success magnet. You believe in your heart; you declare it and keep declaring it with your mouth and work it out by a workable plan of action – That’s how to make life work for you.

You fearlessly face life when you faithfully build up your faith and you build up faith by declaring words that stir you up into faith deeds which makes faith work.  When you confess defeat, failure, and the problems of life you give negativity the power to rule your life. The wrong or negative confession destroys faith and breeds fear.

Whatever you keep affirming, confessing, or talking about invariably builds up; when you keep confessing your weaknesses you strengthen the weaknesses, when you confess the virtues you want to live by, you build up virtues in you; when you keep talking about your doubts and fears you mount up the pressure of doubts and fears which produces failure in life.    

Words void of the right and wise actions will be devoid of power. The right motion with the right motive and verbal expression or affirmation yields the right outcomes in life.


Consequently, the power of affirmation is not a magical formula or incantation which you can just work up to get whatever you want in life. Still, rather it is a principled process that attracts your expressed desire to your life as long as the desire does not violate the eternal principles of right. You also back up your words with corresponding or appropriate actions.

It is impossible to lead a victorious life without putting the power of affirmation to work in your favor.

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