Can there be any meaning to life? Why were we put on the earth? Are we just biological creatures to make a number in the world? How significant are our lives? Or are we caught in an activity-driven trap? How valuable are we to the world? If we had never existed will the world fare better or will it get worse? Who am I? Why am I? What was I born to do? Can there be an answer to these vital questions that all humans seek?

Every day the grave opens its mouth to receive a great number of people who had never had a glimpse of discovering the reason behind life. Unfortunately, they lived an unfulfilled life and died in wasted existence. Their lives never mattered at all. What an incredible loss to humanity.

At the fundamental base of all human challenges lies the mind-boggling, age-long question, asking, “Why am I here?” Every human being has an inward and compulsive desire to live a life of significance. The rich and poor alike, the king and the peasant are part of this grappling search. Moreover, wealth, position, power, and fame are desperately pursued by people in their search for a sense of importance on earth, even though many times, this search infringes on the welfare of others.

 Throughout the pages of history, man’s existence has remained a puzzle to many and a mystery that is matched with the corresponding challenges that confront humans every day, as civilization faces an upward toll. This heart search craving for significance is buried in purpose-meaning.


Everything in the universe has a purpose behind its creation. Nothing exists in the universe without a purpose. Every product is made with a purpose in the mind of the manufacturer. Before a manufacturer begins the physical creation of his or her product, the individual conceives the purpose or the “why” of the product in his mind. For instance, before Henry Ford began the production of the Ford automobile, he had to decide the purpose of the product which was intended to solve a transportation problem.

Consequently, Henry Ford assembled the materials or the parts of the product that would be important to fulfill its intended purpose. He built into the product, the design, ability, and capability for it to function effectively. When he had finished, he was convinced that the product will be able to be driven; in other words, Henry Ford placed a demand on the product to function as it was intended because he knew how much he had invested in the product for it to achieve its intended purpose.

Similarly, we are the customized product of the greatest Creator (God) the world has ever known. Before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, God had already conceived us in his mind. Before He formed you in your mother’s womb, God had already earmarked the details and purpose of your life. Since your conception, He had built into you the design, ability, gifts, talents, and personality needed for you to fulfill your predestined purpose. When you were birthed into the world, God placed on you the demand to accomplish His intended purpose for your life. Each of us was designed by God to solve a specific problem on earth, each of us utilizing our unique purpose to serve each other.



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