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When we aim for the stars, we bury our scars. When we chart our course, we thrive in an uncharted world. When we plot our path, we leave a trail. When we become responsible for our lives, life will be responsive toward us. When we are committed to our dreams, life will be commissioned to deliver to us. When we are dedicated, life becomes committed. When we permit faith to rule us, fear will be ruled out. When you don’t have a plan for your life, life becomes plain. Therefore, the path to a rewarding life begins with a compelling dream alongside persistence in accomplishing it.

Everything in this lofty universe began as a dream. Dreams are the license our Creator has given to us to refine our world. Everything was created by God on this planet in its raw state and entrusted to us in order for us to use our imaginative genius to make discoveries and utilize these raw materials to reshape the world.

Many of the inventions that exist in the world were once “impossibilities”. For centuries down in history, mankind has made tremendous progress that is mind-boggling. Yes! Mankind has made tremendous progress through those who dared to dream backed up with a backbone that knows no defeat.

Scientists had speculated that it was impossible for metal to fly over the sky. But there lived two men who were “mere” bicycle repairers with a difference. Yes! They were bicycle repairers but their vision was not confined to their bicycle shop. They had a dream of inventing the airplane.

Your dream must be larger than you so that you could grow into it. No dream ever accomplished leaves you the same. In fact, true success does not so much lie in what you’ve achieved but in what you become in the process of accomplishing your dreams. These men disregarded the idea of “impossibility”.

The world is full of idea killers and dream crushers; people who will talk you out of your dream; people who see your weaknesses rather than your strengths; people who see your inabilities rather than your potential; people who judge you by your background rather than by your aspirations; people who judge you by what you are rather than what you could be.

People closest to you may dissuade you from pursuing your dreams because of their negative mindset or ignorance. Therefore, you must guard your dream by sharing it with those who have the capacity to believe it and help you accomplish it. Hence, you have the responsibility of believing in yourself, your abilities, and your dreams.

Through their hard work, persistent and imaginative ability the Wright brothers succeeded in inventing the airplane. You may think people were impressed by their invention but the contrary was the case. When Wilbur and Orville Wright announced the flight of a practical flying machine, newspapermen refused to witness a demonstration of the machine.


When you want to make a mark, you will attract erasers. People who are not living out their purpose or who are going nowhere will want to pull you down to their level. Therefore, refuse to be distracted. Be focused and you will lay hold on the prize. The successful invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers has given civilization a quantum leap and has added value to humanity.

Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times before he perfected the incandescent electric lamp. And when he announced the perfection of the incandescent electric light bulb, he was ridiculed. It doesn’t matter how many times life has knocked you down, if you can look up, you can get up. Remember, life can only knock you down but it cannot knock you out. You are the only person that can knock yourself out.

And when you are knocked out, you stay out of the game of life. You need to bury your past hurts and disappointments in order to press forward. You need to have a long-term focus because what seems impossible to achieve in the short term is achievable in the long term.

Therefore, persistence is the key that unlocks the door of seasons and times. If you don’t give up, life will give in. Learning from defeat is a paramount key to living your dreams. Failure is feedback to keep you on track; it shows you what does not work. Hence, you need to be flexible to change your strategies to discover what works.

 You must be self-directed rather than crowd-directed; you don’t need the applause or approval of the crowd to fulfill your dreams. As long as your dream is worthwhile and will add value to humanity, go ahead in full swing. Develop a thick skin against ridicule and criticism; don’t answer your critics, stay focused on your dreams.

You can be more, do more, and have more if you break the lid over your mind. Expand your horizon, leave a trail, and live your dreams.  

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