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Each part of our body has a purpose – it solves a specific problem and every part works together for the benefit of the whole body. In the same vein, just as parts of our body serve their purposes, the whole body of necessity has been designed to serve a purpose.

Consequently, our purpose has been wired into the core of our being. And just as every human being on earth has a unique individuality; no one has the same DNA, fingerprint, or personality as you, therefore, nobody has the same purpose as you. Nobody can do what you’ve been created to do and nobody can fill the space you’ve been created to fill on the planet.

To get to discover and fulfill a purpose is to get back to our Source or our Creator as real living begins from there.  

When you focus on self you find illusion. When you focus on God you find meaning. Life revolves around God and evolves from within. When life revolves around the self, it becomes empty. Meaning is not found within-which is self-centered; meaning is found in God-which is God-centered. Creation does not contain meaning. Meaning is contained in the Creator. And meaning is wired into creation but it takes creation losing self in the Creator to find meaning.

Are you lost in materialism, lust, and pride? Or have you lost yourself in God to find yourself? When creation becomes consummated in the Creator; creation discovers identity; meaning; purpose; significance and destiny. Never attempt to use God to achieve your ambition or you will meet with frustration. Let God use you to accomplish His purpose on earth; significance will be birthed.

You can be a raving success to the outside world but become ranting desperation in your personal world if the purpose is not discovered and lived out. There are remarkable differences between how the world views success and God’s idea of success rooted in purpose. Success inflates the ego; Purpose births fulfillment. Success seeks the applause and approval of people; Purpose seeks the applause and approval of God. Success is self-centered; Purpose is people-centered.

Success is achieved through perspiration; the purpose is manifested through inspiration. Success is a place of activity; Purpose is a manifestation of meaning. Life’s purpose is unveiled through personal revelation that births personal revolution and ignites public reformation.

 Without meaning, life makes no sense; without God life has no meaning. Therefore, God is the source of energy and meaning. Your birth to the world was pre-determined or pre-destined-you are not on planet Earth by accident or by chance. We are all co-creators with God-we are constantly creating our lives daily through our thoughts, words, and the choices we make. Every physical creation is preceded by a mental creation.

In fact, it is absolutely impossible to have any physical creation or manifestation without a mental creation in the mind of someone. Therefore, God-the Master Creator conceived us in His mind before He implanted us to be conceived in our mother’s womb.


You are here for a reason and for a season. Your life has been pre-planned; pre-ordained; pre-designed and pre-destined for the fulfillment of a specific purpose. Without purpose, life becomes an endless tyrant of confusion. Where purpose leads passion follows. Purpose fashions the details of life; what you do or what you don’t do; the choice of association; the use of time; energy and resources.

 When the focus is broken, purpose becomes lost. Purpose discovery is having an awareness of where you are and your ultimate destination and the knowledge of the principles of getting there.

The place of purpose is your Power place:

  • It is the place where excitement overflows – you greet each day with excitement for the gift of life and another day to contribute to life.
  • It is the place where ideas abound – you stay late at night working on ideas, eager to implement them.
  • It is a place of servanthood; you serve humanity with your gifts and talents.
  • It’s a place of leadership; you influence the world with the investment of your personality and impact.
  • It’s a place of joy; your heart overflows with joy for living to give.
  • It’s a place where you are celebrated; your heart abounds with gratitude for the privilege of living to love.
  • It’s a place of fulfillment; you are content with the quality of your life.

You move into the struggle zone when you move out of the flow state. You are in the flow state when you flow in your gifts and talents doing what you were born to do. Life becomes a cycle of struggle when you function outside your life’s work, engaging in a job that is out of sync with your passion.

The world is easily hooked up to the superficial things of life and readily cut off from the eternal verities of life. Consequently, we get trapped in materialistic existence rather than being liberated into a life of meaning.

We pursue money rather than living in pursuit of purpose. We look for a job to pay our bills rather than looking inwards to maximize our potential to impact the world. We live in an ever-increasing cycle of mediocrity that stunts our growth and development and leaves us average in the arena of life.

When we chase the wind, we will have the whirlwind. When we chase our destiny, we choose to leave clues of the imprint of our destiny upon the world. Money is essential but purpose is vital. Money making without making a life (purposeful living) results in empty living. However, potential maximization embedded in purposeful living produces a financial surplus and impactful living.

True prosperity flows through living out purpose. And fulfillment is the outcome of living out purpose. Society emphasizes, finding a job rather than discovering your purpose. We are expected to work a job rather than work on our dreams. Society endorses financial security and rules out accomplishing purpose.

Never fall into the trap of conforming to the expectation of the norm and never fall for the illusion of living in comparison with the crowd. Never settle for anything rather seize the best that life has to offer. You have gifts and talents that are exclusively yours but made to inclusively benefit the world.

Transform yourself into the unique person you were created to be that exudes excellence and pre-eminence. You are a masterpiece but will require a mustard seed faith to step out into the reality of living your dreams.

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