“The qualities that make the stature of the perfect man: patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, and sincerity”

  • Henry Drummond  

To increase your value to the world be improvement-driven. Your desire and commitment set you apart in developing an irresistible personality.

When people feel comfortable with you, you allow them to buy into your personality.


Your dominant thoughts determine what you are continually becoming.

The foundation of an unstoppable personality is confidence. When failure is not an option to be settled for, success is guaranteed. When you resist the lures of fear you develop an irresistible personality.

Confidence is the state of inner calmness, inert composure, and pulsating sense of positivity in approaching and handling or dealing with the affairs of life.  It is the belief in your ability to do what you set your mind to accomplish.

Results are a product of a specific cause or causes. Self-confidence is a result and it is a product of thoughts, words, and actions that constitutes the causes. The structure of your life is constructed by every thought you dwell upon.

Continually think about the person you want to be and you will bring about the person you desire or want; keep your mind off what you fear. The fundamental principle of developing confidence is gaining absolute control of the contents of your conscious mind.



  1. Clarity;

Decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish and exactly the kind of person you want to become.

  • Conviction:

Develop the unshakable belief that you can do anything that you set your mind on accomplishing.

  • Commitment:

Resolve to do whatever is necessary to fulfill your destiny; develop the willingness to pay the price (of course within reason) in advance for the success you desire.

  • Consistency:

Resolve to work on your goals every day; morning, noon, and night, until they are accomplished and you expand and reach for higher goals. However, your personal growth and development are critical in always reaching for higher horizons of success rather than resting on your laurels.  


Men and women with high values and principles have highly prized characters. A highly prized character is the reserve of those who have high ideals.

Sound morals and competence are the winning edges of life. In the long haul, your character can either halt your progress or it can push you forward to the peak of your destiny. Ethical lapses collapse destiny.

Sound character reflects an integrated life; it is building the fabric of your life on Truth or Reality which can only be found in eternal or timeless principles.

Character is putting action ahead of what you say; it is living it out rather than talking it loud.  When your actions outweigh your words you have put off the weight of deceit and hypocrisy.

Living a life of sound moral character is living a life that matters. You can never stay ahead in the game of life without forging character growth.


Your sense of adaptation to differing life circumstances and changing conditions of life without losing your sense of self-control.

To be adaptable is adjusting your mind to accommodate people, events, or situations that may not be comfortable or convenient and making the most of the situation without complaining about it.

It is the mental ability to go through and grow through unpalatable experiences or conditions in a spirit of harmony. It is the ability to seek better or alternative ways when things do not seem to go our way without losing out to despair but with optimism and expectation of the best eventual outcome.



“You can judge a person’s character by the way he treats people who can’t help him or hurt him”

  • Anonymous

Courtesy is showing respect for the feelings of others under all circumstances. Courtesy is the willingness to reach out and reach down to help the less fortunate whenever and wherever possible.

Courtesy is the habit of controlling selfishness in all its forms. Courtesy must become a habitual practice for a personality to be magnetic. Courtesy generates a positive influence on others.  


Goodwill in the heart makes for the will to produce good works in our lives. The love shield and the goodwill guard our hearts from discordant thoughts.

Always radiate success thoughts, health thoughts, joy thoughts, uplifting thoughts and you will become a light dispelling everywhere you go.

The right thought habit cultivates an irresistible personality.



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