Once upon a time, Jon Huntsman, chairman of Huntsman Chemical agreed to sell 40 percent of a division of his company to Great Lakes Chemical. The business deal of $54 million was sealed with a simple handshake.

However, Great Lake delayed in preparing the written agreement. During the six and a half months they had delayed getting the deal down on paper, the price of the raw material had decreased substantially. Consequently, Huntsman’s profits had tripled and reached an all-time high. As a result of this, the division increased in value from $54 million to $250 million.

Since the deal was not signed yet Kampen called Huntsman and said that while he didn’t feel he should pay the full difference in value, he thought it was only fair that he should pay half. He offered to split the difference. Surprising to Kampen, Huntsman said no, that they had shaken hands and agreed on $54 million and he would stick to that price.

Kampen said, “But that’s not fair for you.” Huntsman responded, “You negotiate for your company, Emerson, and let me negotiate for mine.”

This particular action of Huntsman deeply impressed on Kampen’s heart in so much so, even though he wasn’t personally close to Huntsman, he prearranged for Huntsman to be one of two people to speak at his funeral.

Wow! Huntsman displayed true greatness that is rare to find.    

If you can close a business deal with just a handshake, without a written contract and yet you get to keep to the terms of the agreement, you possess honor.


We’ve been dealing with the Three Critical questions In all human interactions:

  1. Do you care for me?
  2. Can you help me?

3. Can I Trust You?

You can’t have success without trust. The word trust embodies almost everything you can strive for that will help you to succeed. You tell me any human relationship that works without trust, whether it is marriage or friendship or social interaction; in the long run, the same thing is true about business, especially businesses that deal with the public.

  • Jim Burke (Former Chairman and CEO, of Johnson & Johnson)

Trust is a significant word relevant to success and growth at all levels of human interactions and relationships. Trust is the backbone of an irresistible personality. Without trust, your personality repels people, of course except for people of the same kind.

A trustworthy character can be manifested in two ways

  • Keep To Your Words
  • Tell The Truth And Live The Truth.


When you keep your word you keep your honour. When you keep your word you keep your self-respect. Think twice before giving your word. Count the cost of making a promise or commitment before ever making a promise and follow through in keeping your promise irrespective of how you may feel and the sacrifice involved.

In the case that you genuinely cannot keep your promise due to circumstances out of your control, then you get to inform the person early enough and work out a way you can fulfill the promise at an appropriate time or if not possible ask the person to kindly release you from the promise.

When your word is your bond you become free from the bondage of deceit. Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “No.” Say what you mean and mean what you say and your words will mean a great deal to people.

When people cannot count on your words, count yourself out of a life that matters. When you think that your words do not matter your life will not matter. A loosed mouth loses honor.

It has become challenging for many people to keep their word. They speak flippantly and afterward pant for credibility and respect from others because people cannot count on their word and hence, they do not regard them.

Marriages are broken, families are torn apart, relationships are marred with friction, businesses crumbles, leadership is reduced to nothing, authority loses its potency and life retrogresses because trust is far-fetched which is reflective of a life of falsity.

You see, genuine respect cannot be borrowed from a position, money, or anything outward. Genuine respect is earned because of the kind of person you are, there can be no substitute.

When your words are not worthwhile your destiny becomes worthless. People who do not value their words cannot add real value to the lives of others. People who do not value their words have little or no value.

 When you understand that your words have far-reaching effects on your life and the lives of others, then you have the understanding required to go far in life. People who have made a habit of not keeping to their commitments have committed themselves to a failing life.

“White lies,” “blue lies” and all the color-coated lies reflect a faulty character and dent your personality into making your destiny an ugly sight that repels a fulfilling life. When you keep your word you keep the bond of success.

Tell The Truth And Live The Truth

 Tell the truth and speak the truth in love. When you walk your talk, life will work for you.

Think truly, talk truly, live truly, and you will gain the freedom that only the truth gives.



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