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As the popular saying goes, “Knowledge is Power.” Does it really hold true? What if it is the negative kind of knowledge that can hurt the lives of others and eventually self-destroy? Is that the kind of knowledge worthy to be acquired? What if the knowledge is irrelevant and worthless both to you and to others? Is it worth spending your time and mind on?  What if you gain knowledge and never make use of the knowledge you’ve acquired?  What benefit or value will it accrue or yield to you or to anyone else?

Positive and relevant knowledge when applied is Power. When you invest your time and mind on these kinds of knowledge it makes you a better person inside-out. And when you grow daily becoming a better person you create better value for yourself and others. In fact, the greatest gift you can give to another and the world is your self-development and continuous improvement.

To deal with wrong thinking effectively you must go for positive and relevant knowledge. Go for self-knowledge by developing self-awareness and discovering your purpose which taps into your gifts and passion. Continuously grow in positive and relevant knowledge on a daily basis. In other words, grow your mind. Growing your mind is the key to maximizing your potential and fulfilling your destiny.

Go for knowledge and grow your knowledge by creating time daily to feed your mind through books, messages, seminars and conferences, online courses, and training opportunities. Seize every opportunity to learn and grow your mind. Become a person of depth and wisdom.

Wisdom is the application of truths; seek out timeless or eternal principles governing success in each area of life, and learn and practice them. Become a deep and accurate thinker and you will become a dispenser of solutions.

You never get to really live unless you grow your mind and maximize your potential; maximizing your potential is the key to maximizing your life. Until you go for positive and relevant knowledge and grow in positive and relevant knowledge you will be unable to maximize your potential and your life.

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