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Mentality determines actuality. Whatever you mentally picture you out-picture in your experience or behavior.

A person of integrity did not just become a person of sound moral character because he or she refused to deceive, steal or commit the immoral act at the scene of temptation. Absolutely not! The individual became a person of sound moral character when he or she impressed within his or her subconscious mind through the imagination and emotionalized thoughts of living with integrity. The circumstances only tested the individual for weakness in which he had already envisioned absolute victory which became a programmed thought or belief and played out as a response of refusal to stoop low to a lower level of consciousness.

Conversely, a thief did not just become a thief because he or she stole but rather the individual became a thief when he or she deliberately or carelessly accommodated the thought which was impressed upon the heart or subconscious mind and when the opportunity presented itself he stole. Invariably, most of the decisions we make through life are subconscious decisions even though we may think that we consciously made them or we were helpless or without any options. Reflex actions are a product of subconscious decisions that had been filed away in the subconscious mind to be executed when it is called upon.

Once upon a time, a scientist observed that not one of the two full-blooded tribes of American Indians stuttered. In his curiosity, he plunged himself into a detailed study of every Indian tribe living on a reservation in America. He didn’t find a single Indian who stuttered. He decided to probe further and studied their languages. He came to this startling revelation that the reason none of the Indians stuttered was that they don’t have a word or even a substitute word for “stutter” Evidently; our thoughts are made up of words and words form pictures in our minds. Therefore, if the word, “stutter” does not exist in their language that invariably means the word “stutter” does not also exist in their minds. Until you think it, you can never manifest it; until you visualize it you can never materialize it; until it is thought out it can never be wrought out. Therefore, whatever word you do not want to experience in your life you can expunge it out of your vocabulary and consequently out of life experience or behavior.

Every happening or occurrence in the physical plane had already existed in the mind of someone or people. Nothing manifests in life without a connection with a belief or thought in the human heart. Consequently, to eliminate the physical reality you must eradicate the thought or belief that corresponds with the physical reality.

The beginning of gaining life mastery is to focus your mind or thoughts on only what you want to see manifest both in your character and circumstances or the domain of your life. Focus your mind with clarity and intensity of interest on what you want rather than thinking and talking about what you don’t want.

What you habitually focus your mind on will feature in your life and what you habitually speak you bring into manifestation.


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