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There can never be mastery in any frontier of life without mastering the territory of the mind.

Life is a fight for the territory; the territory of the mind. The moment you stop fighting for what you want; in other words, the moment you stop controlling and directing your mind, what you do not want shows up. And what shows up in the domain of your mind will manifest in the domain of your life.

When your mind is out of control your life will be out of control. You can’t live above and beyond the quality of your mind. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. The inability to control your thinking breeds the inability to tame the tongue. The inability to control the mind produces the inability to control the actions. Thoughts are the forerunner of every action and action produces results or consequences.

The material world is the offshoot of the mental world. In essence, every physical manifestation or reality is produced by your belief system embedded in your heart or subconscious mind. Your head belief is what you “think” you believe or wished you believe but your heart belief or subconscious belief is what you really believe. What you actually or really believe always showcases itself in your habitual actions, behavior or conduct in every ramification of life and not what you “think” you believe or wished you believe.   

The implication of the above is that the events, circumstances and people that are attracted to your life correspond with the thoughts or beliefs you uphold. In other words, your dominant mental pattern becomes your dominant life pattern; your dominant thoughts produce your dominant experiences; if it does not exist in your mind it will exit from your life; if it does not exist in your mind it cannot enter or become a part of your life. What you mentally uphold you will physically behold.

To know that the visible or material world is fashioned by the invisible or mental world is to know how life function, and to know how life function is the beginning of gaining the knowledge of life mastery and to apply or live out these principles in every ramification of life is to gain life mastery.  

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