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The two lights governing the universe are the sun and the moon. The sun gives the light in the day and the moon gives its peculiar ray of light in the night. This consistently happens irrespective of the place and time and independently of anyone’s opinion or beliefs or even ignorance as it were of their existence.

The moon does not have the light of its own. For the moon to shine its peculiar ray of light in the night the moon is positioned in alignment with the sun and receivesits light from the sun. The amazing thing is that the moon has never shifted in its position and likewise the sun. Both the sun and the moon have never outlived its usefulness. This implies that both the sun and the moon are uncompromisingly consistent in their respective positions from the inception of the world and could be absolutely depended upon in the value they give to the world.

The universe is governed by laws or principles. These principles are timeless; universal and self-evident; these principles exist irrespective of the geographical location, age, era and it works irrespective of your opinion or beliefs or even the ignorance of it.These timeless, universal and self-evident principles cover every important area or frontier of human life and existence. In other words, each important area of life has its respective principle that governs their respective outcome.

These timeless principles could be likened to the sun which has its uncompromising position and is guaranteed to always work.Seeking out; discovering and aligning ourselves to these principles by applying these timeless principles to our lives in their respective frontier guarantees success in the domain of life. And the extent to which you align yourself to these principles will be the extent of your success and whether you apply or live out these principles or you neglect to apply or live out these principles will determine if these principles will work for you or against you. It is worthy to bear in mind that these principles works irrespective of the knowledge or ignorance of it and the violation of these principles even when no one is watching or never gets caught cuts off the flow of success in your life.

To position yourself for consistent success you must take control of your consistent actions. And to take control of your consistent actions is to make a committed decision to act consistently in harmony with the principles or laws governing success. A turn around occurs in your life when you turn on a committed decision to initiate changes in your life.

We are the product of our choices through life and to alter the course of our lives is to alter the decisions of our lives. Decisions births the flow of actions that shapes destiny.The determining factor of the quality of our lives lies in our everyday decisions. Be quick to make decisions. Learn and grow from your mistakes in order to make right and wise decisions.

THE LAW OF DECISION states, Every great leap forward in life is preceded by a clear decision and a commitment to action”.

The word “Decision” is derived from the Latin roots de, which means “from” and caedere, which means “to cut”. This implies that making a real decision means an absolute commitment to producing a result and then cutting or severing yourself from any other possibility; burning your bridges behind with no possible way of retreat. No Retreat! No surrender! No retreat to defeat and other lesser desirable options and no surrender to excuses.


Decide to live at the highest level and to live by a higher standard ever possible. Decide to focus on the principles governing success as you learn and imbibe them into your very nature; focus on only possibilities and positivity and forsake the negative and limiting forces or ideas of life.

Decide to interpret every situation and event of your life in empowering ways that inspire your upward and forward motion in life; Give empowering meaning to what is happening around you by acquiring enlightened and higher perspectives of the world around you and deep insight on the world within you.

Decide to seek out, learn and consistently practice the various principles governing success in every aspect of life in order to create the results you desire.

As we explore these series decide to consistently align yourself to these principles by habitual practice. These principles are not quick-fixes in “jumping” into consistent success but I guarantee there are life-changing and destiny altering principles in your personal growth and sustainable success.  As you apply them into your life have a long term perspective because you may not get to your destination overnight but you can sure change your direction overnight. There will be remarkable changes within you and significant changes around…stay in touch.

It has been said that history turns on small hinges. So do peoples’ lives. Over a period of time, you make a series of decisions, each seemingly of little consequence. Yet, the total of these decisions finally determines the outcome of your life. A successful life depends upon developing a higher percentage of wisdom than error”-NORMAN VINCENT PEALE.

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