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Positioning yourself for consistent success entails taking absolute responsibility for your life; it is taking absolute responsibility for the outcome or results in every area of your life. The blame game is the loser’s game and positions you for outright failure in the game of life. 

THE LAW OF RESPONSIBILITY states,“You are completely responsible for everything you are and for everything you become and achieve” In other words, you are completely responsible for your choices, actions and even your inactions. Consequently, you are responsible for the consequences of your choices through life. Until you take absolute responsibility for your entire life you relinquish your power to succeed. The entitlement mentality only entitles a failing life.

 Until you take 100% responsibility for your life the universe will not cooperate to help you succeed. Everything will work against you in living a life of consistent success when you take up excuses and blaming everyone and everything for your inability to get your desired result.

The principle of responsibility hinges on the premise that you absolutely control what you think and how you think and these shape your life in its entirety.

To align yourself with the principle of responsibility you must take complete control of the content of your conscious mind and focus your thoughts on that which you want to experience or create into manifestation.

  • You are responsible for your choices and actions.

Many people are not living a consciously designed life but they are living out the script handed over to them by their parents, associates, and other peoples’ agenda. In life, you either live out your consciously designed script or live out a default script; you either act on life or life acts on you; you either stem the tide or go with the flow. We are not determined by conditioning or condition or our environment rather we are determined by our choices.

  • You are responsible for the fulfillment of your desires.

 If you want things to change and your circumstances to improve; then you must be in–charge and change and improve yourself. If it’s to be; it’s up to you. No one is coming to solve your problems. In fact, no one is interested in your success as much as you do. Shake off the feeling of helplessness; take charge through your mind and be solution-driven rather than problem conscious.

  •  You are responsible for your beliefs and values.

Beliefs create reality and values govern human behavior. We must deliberately choose empowering beliefs and values that will shape our destinies positively.

  • Prioritizing our time is a responsibility that is exclusively ours.

Time is irreplaceable as life itself. To take responsibility for our time is to differentiate between what is urgent and what is important and not spend time on the trivial aspect of life instead invest time on things that will lead to growth and make a positive impact.

  • You are responsible for your association.

Association could be an accelerator of destiny but it could also be an inhibitor of destiny. Everybody cannot be your friend because many people are going in a different direction from yours. The responsibility lies on you to choose your companions wisely and not having them choose you.

  •  You are responsible for how you deal with people.

You are responsible for your behavior. Taking absolute responsibility for your attitude towards others irrespective of their attitude towards you is a choice.

  • You must be responsible for what you do about your feelings.

Immature people act according to the dictates of their impulses. They do not subject their feelings or emotions to sound judgment. Maturity takes responsibility and filters the feelings and emotions through reason, judgment, and conscience. Many people go through life with the baggage of resentment, anger, guilt, envy, jealousy; they relive past hurts and pains; justifying and rationalizing the reasons for their unhappiness and failure; complaining about the past and present and hence perpetuate failure into their future. The trend can be reversed by eliminating the justification; rationalization; blaming and complaining mode which could be achieved by putting an end to thinking about, talking about and rehearsing negative events and emotions attached to it. The law of emotion states: “A stronger emotion will dominate and override a weaker emotion, and whichever emotion you concentrate on grows and becomes stronger”.

  • You are responsible for your happiness.

Happiness is a choice you make; nobody can make you miserable without your consent. Responsible people do not blame other people for their lack of happiness neither do they complain, justify and pity themselves for their state of life. Conversely, they take responsibility for their emotions, happiness, life and well being.

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