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Until you are rightly positioned in the game of life, you forfeit your winning chances. Wrong positioning makes for wrong moves which turn out losers in the game of life. Right positioning inspires the right disposition which secures gains in the domain of life.

Have you ever wondered why some people have the knack at winning in everything they set their minds to do? On the reverse, why does some people’s life inclined towards failing? Let’s make it personal, are you satisfied with the results you are producing in each area of your life? Do you really believe that some people are lucky while others are not lucky?

Well, permit me to state that there is nothing like luck in a divinely ordered universe. The faster you believe this truth the better off your life will be. People who seem to be lucky create their own luck. Yes! The so-called lucky breaks don’t just happen but rather they are madeto happen.

The law of cause and effect states, “Everything happens for a reason; for every effect, there is a specific cause, whether or not you know what it is”.

The universe is not run by accident or chance rather it is orchestrated by-laws or principles. Success is not a product of luck neither is a failure the outcome of fate. Therefore, success or failure is made to happen in life; and what is made can also be unmade by tracing the cause and getting rid of it. When the cause is eliminated the effect ceases to be. And when the cause is established the effect perpetuates. The law of cause and effect is also referred to as “The law of sowing and reaping” which states, whatsoever a man sows that he shall also reap.


A farmer is aware that when he sows bean seed in the soil, he does not reap rice grain. In fact, the farmer knows that when he sows bean seeds he does not even need to “pray” or “ask” for a beans harvest. The farmer is grounded in the knowledge that it is a guaranteed deal that nature will cause to grow to harvest whatever seed is planted in the soil. The law of the farm applies to the laws of life. This implies that whatever thought seeds you sow in the mental world; you will reap in the material world. This means that nothing happens by chance in your life; every experience you have ever had and will ever have and every result you produce in every area of life has specific causes.

What you think determines what you attract into your life. How you think about yourself; people; situations and the world determines your actions and reactions which produce positive or negative results in your life. You interpret the world and the events of your life based on your frame of thinking which creates the experiences of your life. You become like your most dominant thoughts; you perform like your most dominant words; your dominant results are produced by your dominant actions.

You are constantly creating your outer world through your inner world of thoughts. Thoughts are causes and conditions are the effects. You are constantly reaping the fruits of your thinking through your circumstances and the results you produce in life.

Thoughts, words, and acts are seeds sown; words and acts are the offspring of thoughts. Every thought, word, and act produce after their kind; it cannot be manipulated or be broken; it is as established as the law of gravity.To rise above the outer condition of life, you must rise in the inner condition of the mind. When we purify our minds and conquer selfish and base desires then we will create by our thoughts and actions the outward condition of happiness; health and true riches.

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