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Nothing in the universe exist alone and for itself. Everything in the universe is intricately connected and is influenced by another.

Association is the pedestal of influence. Association is the connecting link between one thing and another or between one person and others. Association is the determinant factor of the outcome between two or more connections.

Human association is a subtle and powerful influence that permeates slowly but gradually into the fiber of your being and conforms your being to the exact influence of the association. Your life will never rise above the level of your association. Your conduct will never improve above the conduct of the company you choose to keep. The quality of your inner circle determines the quality of the cycle of your life. Who you hang out with, determines your hang ups.

Your manners will never be beyond the manner of people in your inner circle. The company you keep determines what accompanies you through life. The quality of your choices through life will always be reflective of the quality of your association. Your association will determine what will be associated with your destiny. You never grow beyond the level of growth of the people you are closely associated with.

Your tendency to live your dreams hinges on the tendencies of your association. When you choose your association you indirectly choose the direction of your life. When you heed the counsel of your association your life gets headed towards the outcome of their counsel.

You will never become more when you associate with lesser people. When you run with wolves you can never soar to great heights like eagles. When trouble lurks all around you, watch, you may be locked up with the wrong association. When your progress in life derails, watch you may be associating with people that make you derail.

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