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These are outright pitiful losers who are not willing to try to make something worthwhile out of self because they are held down with intense doubt and unbelief. These categories of people will never take a chance to win the game of life because they have made the choice to give up on themselves.

The doom blowers never write-out the script to live by because they have written-off themselves in participating actively in the game of life. They sit passively as spectators, never leaving their seats to participate actively in the game of life and make their mark in the world; they never make a difference in life because they are indifferent towards life. They envision themselves as losers, so they do not even try.

Doom blowers are their own foes because of their woes. They never inspire you because they have expired themselves out of usefulness. In their minds they have been doomed to fail before they ever begin. They come up with excuses and explanations of how the hands of fate have dealt with them. They never faith it to seize the life they want to lead.

Doom blowers will influence you to be nobody, do nothing, and talk about problems and the cruelty of fate. They will influence you to go nowhere because they have abdicated responsibility for their lives.

Yes, doom blowers will talk about how other people can succeed except them as if they were immune from succeeding. They never take up the responsibility to make a difference rather they will push the responsibility to someone else. Their mindset is that they have been doomed by fate to fail. Never permit the doom blowers to blow their influence of doom on your personality by associating with them.

Choose wisely your association. Periodically examine the people in your inner circle and what they are doing to you. Nurture and nourish mutually beneficial association that inspires you to live your dreams and become all that you were created to be.

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