These are the whiners who have wandered off the winning lane of life and despised the winners circle. They are the complainers in life who compound problems by having a self-pity party. These categories of people are the pull-downers and put-downers; their desire is to pull down the bloom groomers to their downward level. They are inwardly miserable and they want to recruit others to live a miserable life with them. You can get to identify the gloom blowers by the following indicators:

What Do They Make You Think?

When you get around the gloom blowers you are inclined to think bad, negative and hateful thoughts rather than being inspired to think good, positive and loving thoughts. The gloom blowers are negative and small-minded people and they are threatened by positive and great minds (the bloom groomers) consequently, they will do anything to pull the great minds that are making a difference in the world to their level. Their minds are filled with fearful thoughts. They will get you to read the negative and focus on the negative. They love to play the competitive and the comparison game which makes them outright losers in the game of life.

What Do They Make You Talk About?

The gloom blowers are the gossipers, the tale-bearers, the rumor-mongers and they do a good job at recruiting willing people that will listen to their tales of gloom, infecting their minds. They are incapable of being loyal because everyone and anyone could be the victim of their malicious talks. They talk down on people so that they can appear big. They get you saying the wrong things and they get you listening to the wrong things, leaving you worse off than when you met them.


How Do They Make You Feel?

They gloom bloomers are skillful or adept in making people feel less than who they really are. When you are with them you feel miserable and badly about yourself rather than feeling good and happy about you.

What Do They Make You Do?

When you associate with the gloom blowers, you are inclined to act foolishly in error, do the wrong things and go in the wrong direction rather than being motivated to take right and wise actions.

You will never live above the company you choose to keep. Hang out with wise people that are fulfilling their life’s purpose and you will surely accomplish your life’s purpose in a grand style.



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