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To habitually make superior investments in the lives of people you must be a person of distinction; a model of excellence. The quality of the investment you make in your relationships with people is determined by the quality of your personality.

• Until you live up to a higher standard you will live down to the mundane things of life. Set up an impeccable code of conduct that you will live by both personally and in your relationships with people Think impeccably and act impeccably.

• By becoming your best; doing your best; having your best and giving your best, people around you will be inspired to live their best. You lead by example and your authority is in your disposition.

• When you can easily connect or identify with people without exclusion; humble enough to desire to understand what they are going through and compassionate enough to reach out to help in whatever way you can; you become a solution where you are and everywhere you go thereby making investments in the lives of people.

• When you scatter flowers rather than thistles; when you brighten every room you enter-you become a source of hope, love, encouragement and radiating beauty in the lives of others; elevating the experience and the lives of others.

• Shun pettiness; meanness and vulgarity or profanity. Become a model of gratitude; respect; appreciation; courtesy and generosity and you will become a positive influence in the lives of others.

• Be accountable and responsible and take responsibility for all your actions and results.

• Continuously stretch to maximize your potentials and consistently elevate the level of your consciousness and your contribution in your personal relationships and to the world.


• Break limits by consistently expanding your capacity for excellent performance to give expression to your uniqueness and also give people around you the freedom and encourage them to express their own uniqueness and expand their unlimited capacity for an excellent performance.

• Create a classy environment around you that stimulates and inspires creativity; cooperation and growth-building up the self-esteem and confidence of others to be more; do more; have more and give more.

Therefore, to live a worthwhile life-invest in your personality and to maximize your potentials and fulfill your purpose on earth-invest in your personal relationships and in people.
You Can! You Will!

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