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The right environment and the right association nurtures and nourishes the seed of greatness within which grooms a great life and blooms into great accomplishments. The wrong environment and the wrong association is a doom to the seed of greatness and nourishes the seed of gloom which blows gloomy influence to those around its sphere of contact which spells doom to the destiny of others.

It is foolhardy to think that we can hang in the wrong environment and hang out with the wrong association and not be negatively influenced. The wrong crowd, crushes out the virtues we once lived by and grows inwardly the vices we once despised.

The strongest of character becomes weakened when it is in the close association with people of weak character. The wisest becomes a fool by hanging out with the foolish. Your environment determines what grows within you; weeds or flowers. Your association shapes what you are consistently becoming. The company you keep couples your habits into the character of your life which produces your destiny.

Zig Ziglar states, “When you are around a negative, evil or destructive environment long enough you will go from objection to tolerance, from tolerance to acceptance, and from acceptance to participation end even enjoyment. It makes no difference how little it was to start with, it will grow.” Therefore, you consciously or subconsciously make mental adjustment and physically adapt to the influence of your association.

Consequently, we should never leave it to chance but rather we should make a deliberate choice on the kind of people we associate with as we unveil the three kinds of people and their influence.

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