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Until people can count on your words, they cannot count on you and invariably, your life will not count. Your words should be the collateral people can bank on but if your words cannot be banked upon then you become bankrupt in your relationship with people.

For the most part, many people give their words casually and break them casually without thinking of the high cost involved. Consequently, their relationship with people ends up in casualty; they lose credibility and with the loss of credibility follow the loss of genuine respect; their authority or influence weakens or fades all because trust is lost.

Each time you make a promise or commitment and don’t follow through your self-esteem nose dives and you lose your self-trust. When you make promises you never intend to keep, you lose your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. You not only create doubt in the minds of people towards you when you habitually fail in keeping your agreements, promises or commitments but you also create self-doubt which makes you lose faith in your ability to produce successful results in your life.

Never trade your integrity and self-esteem for a momentary gain of the approval of others; never make promises, agreement or commitment you don’t intend to keep lest you lose your self-esteem and integrity which are your success capital in the affairs of life. Whenever you don’t keep your words, you are giving up your success and keeping up lies. When your word becomes your bond you are free from the bondage of deceit. When you mean what you say and say what you mean, your integrity becomes rock-solid and your self-esteem skyrockets and your words will mean a big deal to others which leads to big deals of returns in your relationship with people. When you make fewer promises, agreements and commitments, thinking through to ascertain getting through each of them, you align yourself to follow through.

Make only agreements you intend to keep lest it becomes an extension of deceit. Reach inwards and evaluate the possibility of following through before reaching out to make the commitment.
Keep a record of your commitments, promises and agreements made each day. Keeping record of your agreements implies you intend to remember and follow through. Go through your record each day to follow through at its appropriate time.

We may make plans and have good intentions, however; we may not always be able to control unforeseen events and circumstances, in that case inform the person or people involved as soon as possible and re-schedule the agreement where it is possible.

Everything you want of life and out of life revolves around and evolve from relationships and to have succeeding relationships with people is to make adequate investments in all your relationships with people and that can only be obtainable when you continuously make adequate investments on your personality which yields a rewarding life.


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