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Never rule out the verdict of impossibility where the imagination is concerned. Nobody can ever erase the mark made by someone who has captured the picture of possibility in the imagination that has become a conviction. The naysayers cannot negate the evidence of the contribution to life, of the individual whose mind has explored untold horizons. Nobody can place a limit on the one whose imagination has gained the freedom to soar in the limitless realm.

Wilbur and Orville Wright who were ordinary bicycle repairers but with an extraordinary imagination defied the report of a famous scientist who polished an article nullifying the possibility of controlled human flight. And of course, the majority of the world agreed. The majority belief does not always signify correctness or truth. Truth can never be subjected to popularity contest. The majority flow is the path of least resistance, but the individual with conviction and the ability to tap into the limitless realm of the mind and the power it conveys, though he or she stands alone, the individual becomes a powerful force to reckon with and a proof of what is possible leaving clues that inspire.
Let’s take a short but powerful insight of the Wright Brothers and uncover the story of the men who human beings fly. Read on…

Wilbur and Orville Wright were the sons of a preacher and their mother was creative in inventing household devices. History has it recorded that the Wright Brothers were voracious readers although they never graduated from high school. They opened a bicycle sales and repair shop in which the manufactured their own models of bicycles, The “Wright Special.” The Wright Brothers read an article about German Otto Lilienthal’s experiment in gliding and his fatal crash. This incident aroused the passion of the Wright Brothers to aeronautics. They began to read all the available materials on the subject and they got to work on their dream.

It is important to note that other inventors had tried inventing the airplane before the Wright Brothers. In fact, some of them almost invented the airplane but they never did invent the airplane. The Wright Brothers applied the same principles as the other inventors but they also did something different. They attached movable flaps of a particular design to the edge of the wings so the pilot could control them and maintain the plane’s equilibrium. That was the difference between succeeding and failing; that was a little difference that made the big difference. On December14and 17, 1903, the course of history was changed, the impossibility record was broken and man could fly the sky powered by two men who dared traverse the limitless realm of the human mind. The first flight was fifty-nine seconds.

You would have expected that the breaking news of the first human flight will arouse excitement and celebration to everyone who hears of it. However, the reverse was the case, even when the documentation was made available; the naysayers were skeptical and full of pessimism. Yes! Critics emerged but the Wright Brothers never gave them their attention but they became re-energized in perfecting their invention. It was in 1908 during the air shows in LeMans, France, and Fort Myers, Vagina that the general public was convinced about the successful invention of the airplane. This attracted funds and the Wright Brothers Company was formed and they engaged in aeronautic research until the time of their death.

• The saying that goes, “the team makes the dream work” is true when there is unity of mind and unity of purpose. The Wright Brothers were the unconquerable team.
• Success leaves clues. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, success blueprint is readily available in books; internet search, etc. but you must have an intense desire to grow your mind and improve on yourself and what you do.
• Follow your instinct to be distinct. Become solution-driven rather than problem-conscious. Plot your path; blaze your trail; leave your mark; be different to make a difference.
• Go to work on the dreams of your heart no matter how impossible it may seem. Never look into your history to determine your destiny and never hold onto your memories to replace your imagination.
• Never give your focus to critics. Guard your focus because that is where the battle of your destiny is won or lost.
• Pay attention to details and never lose sight of details that could be the difference between succeeding and failing.
• Act on your convictions rather than on popular beliefs.
• Aim for excellence and become excellent in all that you do. Be an original; let what you do bear the mark of your uniqueness.
• Never give up but keep on until you go up.

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