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The power of association is the power to increase the value you create and elevate the quantity and quality of your contribution to life. The power of association is the power of networking which is vital to the maximization of destiny. And the power of networking increases your influence. To maximize your association, you must be thoughtful of helping your associates connect with people that are crucial to their advancement or progress who they would never have otherwise met. The power of association is the power of increasing your network. Remember, your network determines your net worth.Therefore, an effective association creates or build an ever-expansive relationship which increases the quality of the personalities of the association and their power to become more and accomplish more.

Sharing of ideas is paramount in adding value to the circle of your association. Great ideas make for great accomplishments. Good ideas elevate the quality of life and the personality of others. Ideas should not be hoarded but generously shared with each other.

To maximize the power of your association you must give to meet the expectations or needs of your associates and in order to give to meet their needs, you must gain the knowledge of their needs and the way to gain the knowledge of their needs is to ask them about ways you can help them succeed or thrive. Effective association means that expectations must be met and meeting each others expectation makes association thrive and become powerful.

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