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To succeed in life, you need to collaborate with others. The pathway to success is not for the lone-rangers. You need other people to help you in your success journey and someone needs you to get ahead in life. Life is an interdependent reality. To gain the extraordinary success you must maximize your collaborations with people or the association in your life.

To develop and maximize your potentials is to develop and maximize partnerships. Creating synergy with others can increase the level of your accomplishments in an ever-rising exponential rate. That can only be achieved through the right partnerships with people. Someone can make you better and make what you do better; someone can give you a better and higher perspective; someone’s thoughts can elevate your level of consciousness; someone’s advice or opinion can save you from experiencing failure and when you recognize and give credit to others for their contribution towards your success, they are stirred up to contribute more.

To maximize the power of your association; you must be a giver. Setting out to be a taker without becoming a giver ruins partnership or association. To be a giver is to be a servant leader. Put them first place in your agenda and you will secure the best place in what you can achieve together. Selfish agenda jeopardizes association and sabotages your progress. Never focus on your differences but rather focus on your similarities and complement each other instead of competing with each other.

The level of value you receive from your association is determined by the level of value you create or add to your association.  When the value-added is not mutual the association becomes mutilated. Let everyone in your circle of association experience your positive impact on their lives every day. Partnerships can accomplish greatly when each one seeks to consistently add value to the other. That’s the spirit of love and love can never fail.

Therefore, association bonded by love will accomplish extraordinary success. And that is the power of association.

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