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Once upon a time during the Great Depression, Henry Ford came into contact with a young man looking downcast. The young man had just been turned down at various banks for the loan he desperately needed to save his business, and as he was leaving the bank he had an encounter with Henry Ford. Henry Ford observing his dispirited state stopped and asked what the problem was. The man disclosed to Henry Ford that all the banks he had visited had turned down his application for a loan. Henry Ford said, “Come with me.” They walked to another bank and as they opened the door, Henry put his arm around the man for a moment and then called him by name and said, “Let’s get together soon.”; with a raised voice audible enough for those in the bank to hear. He then whispered to the young man, “Go ask the manager for your loan.” The young man responded with astonishment, “But nothing’s changed.” Henry smiled and said, “One thing has changed…The manager saw you with me…and believe me, young man, that’s all he needed to see.” That was it. The manager immediately invited the young man into his office and promptly made the loan. The people you associate with are either stepping stones to the fulfillment of your destiny or are stopping stones that limit and distracts you from becoming what you were created to be. Your net worth is determined by your network.  Who you are identified with, will determine how people will define you and how you will be identified, which shapes to a large extent your reputation. Who sees you favorably determines the favors that come to you.

To succeed you need to associate with the right kind of people and to gain the extraordinary success you must associate with people at a higher level of consciousness and placement in life. Your association does rub off on you and in most cases big time.

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