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Life is shrouded with expectations. When anyone is involved in our lives or we are involved with anyone there are expectations that must be met by both parties if the relationship must grow and exceed the expectation is to make the relationship blossom in ways that will yield great outcomes. Consequently, to make the most of your association you must make the most of your opportunities to exceed the expectations of your associates.

In all succeeding and thriving relationships with people, trust is at the foundation. While love should not be earned because we are meant to love people unconditionally, trust should and must be earned. Trust is earned through the test of time to prove the evidence of trustworthiness. And to violate trust is to defraud the relationship which destabilizes the relationship and causes it to disintegrate.  The trust advantage is the growth advantage in every relationship with people. Therefore, to maximize the power of your association is to be a person worthy to be trusted.

Anyone you do not respect fizzle out of your life. Never take people for granted lest your success will be grounded. Be grateful for the people involved in the affairs of your life and earn their respect every day by behaving in ways that embody respect for yourself and respect for each of them.

To maximize your potentials you need to collaborate with other people and to maximize your potentials you need to maximize your collaborations or association and to maximize the power of your association entails:

  • Become a trustworthy person.
  • Seek ways to continually add value to your association.
  • Have a mutually beneficial agenda by putting them first on your agenda.
  • Be generous with ideas, connections, and resources that will enable them to become better and perform better.
  • Never assume but rather ask them ways you can help them accomplish their goals.
  • Know their expectations of you; meet their expectations and exceed their expectations.
  • Manifest self-respect; show them respect and earn their respect.

Aim to become a Servant Leader and you will maximize the power of association.    

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