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Each individual of the human family is different from each other. Our differences either tear our relationships apart or bind us together. We must value our differences.

Our differences do not make us more or less from each other but our differences make us unique and knowing how to harmonize our differences produces harmonious relationships which pave the way for deep relationships.  Harmonizing our differences can lead to new discoveries about the other person and us which results in new ways of enjoying life together.

Irritation and resentment that arise from our differences with people cannot develop deep relationships but rather develops deep relationship issues. Until the people in your life are free to express themselves with you and be themselves around you deep relationships do not exist.

Our differences can lead to us complimenting each other. Be curious to know and understand the reason behind the irritating behavior; at times the individual may be functioning in a state of dysfunction or emotional pain. A heart that seeks to genuinely understand the other rather than passing judgment on the other is a heart that can connect deeply with others. Therefore, value the good in others; value the individual difference and find ways to make a difference in the lives of others and you will develop deep satisfying relationships.

Trust is the scorecard for succeeding relationships. Never micro-manage the people in your life. Never devalue them or abuse them. Realize their inestimable value and also recognize that they are vulnerable or delicate and should be treated with care; this hinges on the recognition of your own intrinsic worth and the knowledge of your own vulnerability in which you do not permit anyone to devalue, misuse, or abuse you in your relationships. Until trust is in place openness and intimacy are out of place in our relationships.

Never lose consciousness of your inestimable intrinsic value, neither permit nor allow anyone to act in ways that devalue you and stab at your vulnerability-be courteous but firm in addressing the devaluing behavior of others and when necessary set up boundaries to guard your vulnerability until when the person recognizes that you are highly valuable and treats you accordingly.  Being trustworthy with you precedes the ability to be trustworthy with others.

Therefore, developing deep personal relationships requires heart work and positive energy which flows from an understanding mind, rooted in a large heart of unconditional love that binds personal relationships into a deep rhythm of harmony.    


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