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In the north, south, east, and west, traversing through the nook and crannies of the earth lay known and unknown, vast and abundant resources. Mankind has been vested with the authority to manage or rule the earth.

Yet we must remember that mankind did not create the earth, nor is he the owner of the earth; rather the earth with its vast resources has only been entrusted to the human race. The resources of the earth were made to serve mankind in order to fulfill his needs and to enable him to materialize his purpose on earth.

Unfortunately, mankind has abused this awesome right as a caretaker of the earth and has developed a wrong relationship with the resources of the earth. Instead of mankind acting as the master of money and material possessions he has to become their servant. Rather than valuing his fellow human beings above things, he has chosen to value things above people.

Rather than seeing things as a means to an end, he has considered things as an end in themselves. Therefore, people tend to love things and use people rather than loving people and using things to bless people.

Because of the wrong relationship that mankind has established with money and material possessions, through greed and selfishness, man has now become a slave, even in the midst of freedom and opulence.

The desire and demand for instant pleasure and gratification irrespective of the negative consequences in the long term have wrecked many destinies. And destinies will remain barren if the resources of the earth are not used to uplift humanity and make the world a better place for us to live.

Therefore, you must choose to deliberately develop and maximize the four levels of relationships for a maximized life. Your commitment to work at and work on these levels of relationships is what you need to transform your life experience. Remaining passive or failing to develop these levels of relationships is a choice to remain in your old pattern of life with the same or even deteriorating outcomes or life experiences.  


You can make your life and your relationships an inspiring example by the greatest gift of all freedom to choose. And as we journey further in this relationship series you will gain the wisdom to make the right choices that will transform your relationship experiences.

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