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Deep satisfying relationships are only made possible when you live out the honor code.  The honor code is the recognition that each individual of the human family is made in the image of God which gives each one an inestimable intrinsic worth that is not based on performance or other external factors but on an inherent value that is priceless. Recognizing and acknowledging this truth is to see everyone as God sees them and consequently, to treat everyone as God would treat them.

The value package of each individual is a unique package of gifts, abilities, and personality that has been customized to the individual. Therefore, each individual of the human family is precious and valuable and to see them through the lens of unconditional love is to create a climate that nourishes and flourishes healthy relationships.

When you honor those around you, your relationships grow above discord. When you consistently find ways to honor those you love your relationships go deeper and grow higher.

To place a high value on others, you must recognize their value; to recognize the value of others you must see goodness in them; to see goodness in others you must look for the good in each person.

Write down the good points of each person you have a personal relationship with. Look for the value in them; magnify the good and you will treat them honorably. The honor code is the success code in all human relationships.

When we recognize that each individual irrespective of their performance, background and status in life is precious and special to God, we will practice treating them with dignity and honor even as we see dignity and honor in them; this creates close personal connection and successful relationships.

Are you quick to judge people or do you suspend judgment and seek to understand people. You will never develop deep relationships with people unless they feel safe to open up their inward selves to you and they will never open up their inward selves to you unless you are genuinely interested in them, seeking to understand them, and out of an understanding mind flows the heart of compassion.

When understanding and compassion merge; deep personal connection emerges in your relationships.


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