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Self-preservation is the strongest of all human instinct. And how we deal with this human instinct determines if our destinies will be distinct.

The fear of lack which is akin to the fear of poverty is one of the most common and widespread of all human fears. This is due to the suffering and humiliation that accompanies lack or poverty.

The human race has become their own worst enemy as the lust in greed for materialism, recognition, fame and power which drives people to oppress and suppress others; they mismanage and misappropriate the available resources. Consequently, this leads to shortage or scarcity for the majority and breeds the fear of lack. The scarcity mindset is behind most of the ills and menace in the world.

When the fear of lack is present, a need-consciousness prevails and prevents the flow of supply. When you are need-conscious you become self-absorbed in taking care of yourself and yours which breeds selfishness, and life becomes full of cares and the joy of living diffuses.

The fear of lack or poverty is a subtle trap that imprisons the imagination, paralyzes the will to be self-reliant, immobilizes reason, locks up initiative, thwarts, sense of purpose, dampens enthusiasm and frustrates self-discipline in a life.

The fear of lack rides on excuses; it thrives on procrastination and makes life flourish in misery. The fear of lack disrupts morals and distorts accurate thinking. Poverty or lack is first of all a mental condition before it translates into physical condition. And when the poverty mentality persist the physical reality of poverty perpetuates. The fear of poverty or lack persists in the mind unless you resist it by creating the state of mind that accommodates abundance.

The universe is full of abundance of all things with infinite possibilities, but you must align yourself with abundance in order to attract the supply of all that you require and live above the gravitational pull of lack or poverty keeping the human race in bondage.

To align yourself with abundance you must:

  • Refuse to accept the condition of lack or poverty by creating mental condition that supports abundance.
  • Think abundance
  • Talk abundance
  • Feel abundance.
  • You must live on purpose and for a purpose thereby meeting needs or solving problems that will attract abundant supply towards you.
  • You must be courageous to take informed and calculated risks in seizing opportunities of growth and advancement.
  • You must do what you love and love what you do.
  • You must maximize your time and potentials.
  •  You must exercise self-discipline both in your lifestyle and in managing your finances.
  • You must live to give and live to love; love magnetizes all good things towards you.
  • Be happy over the success and abundance of other people.
  • Have faith in the Omnipotence of God and trust in His unfailing love to supply your every need in abundance, and care for you absolutely.


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