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Fear of failure is a limiting force that holds a life in bondage from making progress. Fear of failure cripples the will of an individual to handle challenges and take risks. Fear of failure stabs at success. Fear of failure is convincing yourself that you will fail even before you attempt to act. Fear of failure is giving up on you to succeed. Fear of failure sabotages dreams and nullifies goals. Fear of failure is living in your comfort zone and unwilling to stretch to your dream living zone. Fear of failure is passiveness activated in a life.

 When you begin to step out to live your dreams, you begin to stop the fear of failure. Fear of failure could be stirred up by the lack of experience. Actually to live a life of distinction, you need to create experiences that make for progress. And until you step out and do it afraid, you will never know what you are capable of accomplishing.  Creating experiences makes for great experiences which banish the fear of failure by developing confidence and confidence mobilizes success.

To deal with the fear of failure, we must gain the right perspective of failure:

  • Failure is not an identity but rather it is an event.
  • Failure is not final but rather a feedback.
  • Failure is not a stopping-stone but rather it is a stepping stone to success.
  • Failure reveals what does not work.
  • Failure is an opportunity to be better and to do better.
  • Failure is a persistent effort in getting it right.
  • Failure is the courage to try and keep trying until you succeed.

Failure is the result of what we do rather than who we are and we can always change what we do to produce a successful outcome. The fear of failure prevents adventurous living and presents a boring life. The fear of failure is the analysis that paralyzes potentials.

To become a big shot, you must risk taking shots

  • Eliminate “what if” questions and ask “How can I?” and establish the “I Can” mentality.
  • Step out to act your way to success and you will defeat the fear of failure.

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