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The root of a plant is critical to its survival and thriving. Though the root is invisible; buried deep within the soil it determines the quality of the fruits which is visible. The depth of the root determines the height the plant will attain. The root also has an absorbing capacity; it absorbs nutrients and moisture from the soil from which it is planted and these are vital to the growth and development of the plant and these determine the quality of the fruit. So it applies, success root could be termed as self-concept.

Self-concept has its origin from within but it showcases itself visibly for all to see in the different areas of life.The greater the self-concept you possess; the greater the height of success you attain.Self-concept which is rooted inwards has an absorbing capacity that draws its influences from sources within the environment that you are in; and these sources in the environment that that you permit to influence your life will determine if you will produce fruits of success or thistles of failure.

Self-concept is your entire belief structure acquired from infancy upwards; it is the beliefs you have about yourself; your abilities and your world. It is the seed that sprouts to produce your performance in every area of life and your effectiveness through life. Self-concept is the forerunner of all behavior or response to any given event or situation or response to any given event or situation we encounter through life. Self-concept is the thermometer that regulatesyour performance or behavior which produces results in every area of our lives.

You can never rise above the self-concept within.

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