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Success root or Self-concept could be described as the triangle of human effectiveness comprising of three parts; at the base of the triangle is self-ideal. Self-ideal is the perfect person you want to be in every aspect of your life. It is the kind of person you admire most and aspire to become. If you do not have a clear and a positive description or vision of the qualities you want to possess and the kind of life you want to lead, the two sides of the triangle which comprise of self-image and self-esteem will be erroneous, distorted and negative giving rise to personality problems and consequently, a failure ridden life.

People with high self-ideal live their lives on a higher level based on an ever increasing elevated consciousness. They strive to lead lives based on the highest standard possible and they neverdeliberately compromise on these standards. In fact, the higher the self-ideal the higher will be the standard you set for yourself. These categories of people perceive themselves to be deserving of success; they believe and expect that they are destined to succeed in everything they do and in every aspect of life. These people do not sell themselves short and they perceive their lives as being valuable, worthwhile and indispensable to the world.

Therefore, a high self-ideal which produces an ever increasing elevated consciousness makes you indispensable to your world.

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