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There are two words that rule the world. And every human being is subject to either one of these words in every moment in time. These two words exist at the opposite pole from each other. The presence of one indicates the absence of the other because both words can never function together. One of the words is full of positive energy which attracts positivity and possibilities while the other word is full of negative energy which attracts negativity and limitations. Every human being has a foretaste of these words operating in the mind and its outworking in life. One of the words is more powerful than the other. In fact, where the most powerful word functions the lesser word bows and flees because the most powerful word reigns supreme. These two dominant words that dominate life are Fear (the lesser) and Faith (the most powerful).

Faith is the antidote for fear. Faith attracts success; fear attracts failure. Faith attracts the positivity in life; fear attracts the negativities of life.

However, fear is not altogether negative. We basically have two kinds of fear; the preservative kind of fear and the destructive fear.

The preservative kind of fear shields us or makes us to take precaution against harm and danger. For instance, I believeyou wouldn’t love to stuff in junk food into your body system even if you enjoyed the junk food because of the health risk of doing so. Therefore, you make the choice to eat nutritious and well balanced diet to ensure good physical health.

The consequence of breaking the traffic law breeds the fear of violating traffic laws which helps you to comply to the traffic laws.

Most importantly, the negative consequences of breaking moral principles (whether you are caught or not)should breed a healthy fear of breaking moral principles which makes you live in alignment with moral principles producing a clear conscience which gives you the ability to manifest confidence and success.

The reverential fear of God makes you a reference point to your world and it is the right kind of fear we should wholly embrace, because it harmonizes your life with excellence, making you achieve a wholesome and balanced success that echoes through to eternity.    

The destructive or unhealthy fear in itself is to be dreaded rather than what is feared. Unhealthy or destructive fear feeds on negative information that you give attention to and magnified by the imagination. At this timeframe on the timeline of life, we are being bombarded with information overload, where you can get abundance of information with just a click; and a great deal of this information are full of negative energy which breeds fear in the minds of people.

The news headlines are no exemption as it seems negative happenings dominates the headlines. Indeed, negative information seems to spread further and farther than positive information. With the increase of crimes, terrorists attacks, natural disasters, economic downturn-the list seems endless, it is no wonder that fear has become the main stay in the minds of many. Coupled with the fear that had been programmed in our minds from childhood through our experiences and what we have been exposed tobrings to bear an envelope of fearful thinking pattern which manifests itself in worry, anxiety, fright, dread, guilt, and even phobias; all these shortchanges our lives.


To push back our fear, we must step back and evaluate our fears.

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