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A positive vision for your life is vital for positive self-concept. Without a positive vision for our lives we will never recognize our true worth; and when our true worth is not recognized we would never believe that we matter; and when we don’t believe that we matter, our lives will never matter and when our lives does not matter we become focused or pre-occupied with mundane or trivial matters of life.

When what you value is based on eternal value and your vision is built around it and becomes the driving force of your life, you move up to the place of relevance and your self-concept goes up as well.

How do you describe yourself? The way you describe yourself will determine what you will ascribe to yourself; and what you ascribe to yourself will determine if your life is ascending or descending in quality. The words or words you use to describe yourself shapes your identity and your identity fashions your destiny. A negative identity negates self-concept while a positive identity pulls up poor self-concept.

Taking responsibility for your life makes you responsive to success. When responsibility is in place, your self-concept is rest secured.

List out your strengths and utilize your strengths and you will strengthen your success root.

Write out a positive mental script to live by and you will live out a success oriented life.

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