“Nothing else is worth so much to you as your own unqualified endorsement of yourself. The approval of the “still, small voice” within you, which says to every noble act, “That’s right,” and to every ignoble one, “that’s wrong,” is worth to you than all the kingdoms of the earth. It matters little what others may think about you or what the world may say; it makes no difference whether the press or the public praises or blames; it is by your own honest judgment of yourself that you must stand or fall.” -Orison Swett Marden.

Your self-appraisal validates or invalidates the appraisal the world gives you. And your conscience is your jury that evicts or convicts you of wrong actions and it also commends, corrects and applauds you of right actions. Engaging in actions that strengthen character, strengthens your success root while engaging in actions that weakens character, weakens your success root.  And when success root is weakened, failure becomes inevitable. Doing the right thing even in the face of opposition and in difficult time positions you for perpetual success.  A strong moral character is a booster of self-concept and it is the foundation required to support success at its ever heightening peak. Practicing the daily discipline of working at your major and most important tasks in order to complete it with excellence gives your self-concept an uplift onto the pedestal of success. Half-minders; half-doers;


and half-way finishers or habitually rushing to complete a project or important task robs you of inner satisfaction which becomes a morale breaker.

Small steps taken to accomplish a big goal or solve a big problem produce giant steps that make for giant strides and this eases the inner strivings of a low self-concept to a high self-concept.

Celebrating your successes or victories both small and great gives your self-concept a boost that burst forth into trails of successes and victories. Never underestimate your power to encourage yourself, it will make you to be inspired to aspire to become all that you were created to be.



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