A successful life is only attainable when you tend to your success root or your self-concept.Potentials are squashed when self-concept is depreciated. The value judgment you make about yourself hinges on the recognition of your value.

To tend to your self-concept you must guard your self-talk. For a turnaround in your self-concept you must tune into the conversations you have with yourself.  What you believe is what you tell yourself and what you tell yourself sets the pace for what you can do and what you cannot do. To clear out a low or negative self-esteem is to clean up your self-talk. Get to know the nature of your self-talk by asking: what types of conversations do I have with myself? Is it negative or positive thoughts? Is it constructive or destructive? Is it self-depreciating or self-appreciating?

The conversations in your head create the condition of your life. Your self-talk is reflective of beliefs about yourself and your world and this frames your reality. And your beliefs about yourself and your world had been formed from your upbringing which brings to bear your self-perception and consequently your behavior or performance.  A negative self-concept negates the possibilities and positivity within and without. A positive self-concept pulls out the possibilities within and create positive outcome in life.

Replace self-criticism with self-encouraging words; replace negative opinions of yourself with positive self-expectation. Begin to talk to yourself differently and you will create a different self-concept that will make a difference in your life. Therefore, disengage from every negative self-talk and engage in positive self-talk and affirmation and you will affix an elevated consciousness which raises your self-concept consequently, prizes your performance.



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