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MENTAL DIET: The Power Of Self-renewal (Part 4)

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Emotional energy or your feelings is reflective of your thoughts or beliefs and creates your experiential reality. Emotions for the most part drive our actions and consequently for our actions to produce fulfilling results our emotional energy must be positive. Positive emotional energy produces positive actions and harmonious relationships with people. Negative emotional energy produces actions or behavior towards others and results in discordant relationships with people.

Emotions inform you of what you are thinking at a particular time. Consequently, to change your feelings; change your thinking, and to change your thinking is to change your living.

Identify your emotions by identifying the thoughts that created them. Is what you are feeling based on truth? Or is it based on error? Are your feelings rooted in reality? Or is it rooted in an illusion?

For instance, are you worried about something that has not occurred and will never occur? Or do you feel genuine concern over a particular situation? If so what can you do to turn the situation around? Or how can you positively respond to the situation?

When we identify our emotions, we will get to the root of our thinking; and when we get to the root of our thinking, we can change what we believe; and when we change what we believe, we change our actions; and consequently, our emotions.

When you do your part and leave the rest to God, being confident that He is in absolute control of your life, you will not permit yourself to wallow in negative emotions that swallow up a great life.


  • Self-renewal tends to the legitimate needs of your body, heart, mind, and emotions which empower you to meet the legitimate needs of others.
  • When you take responsibility for yourself you become response-able towards others.
  • When you function from the place of wholeness you wholly maximize your relationships with others; when you function from the place of neediness your relationships become dysfunctional.
  • When you consistently neglect or ignore self-renewal in its entirety you lose out and everyone in your relationships loses out as well.
  • To maximize life, you must be a good receiver even as you are a good giver. Self-renewal enables you to receive love from God and others.
  • Self-renewal does not equate to selfishness but rather self-renewal equips and leads you to a lifestyle of giving.
  • For maximized living and satisfying relationships with people, renewing your spiritual energy; mental energy; emotional energy, and physical energy must happen simultaneously in a balanced way because these dimensions of our entire being are integrated with each other and impact each other.           

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