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“The only reason men fail is broken focus.”

  • Mike Murdock.

Self-mastery is the conduit of personal power; it gives efficacy to your words; it produces harmony in human relationships; it gives credibility to your actions, it revolutionizes your entire life.

Self-mastery or self-control empowers you to guard your focus which is the master key that keeps your success drive going on your life’s course.

To guard suggests that an enemy is always seeking ways to steal, kill, and destroy your destiny. Success always attracts envy from people who are inwardly bankrupt. They will want to pull you down to their level.  Therefore, in guarding your focus, there will always be a fight when the enemy attacks. However, we must be aware of the subtlety of our enemy.

Fighting about everything and for everything that threatens to attack us breaks our focus. We must know what is worth fighting for and what we should not give our attention to in order to preserve our focus on fulfilling life’s purpose.

To guard our focus, we must engage in destiny fights, not ego fights. Destiny fights further for the purpose of serving humanity. Ego fights promote self; self-serving. Destiny fights to focus on what matters in the light of eternity. Ego fights focus on the trivial and superficial things of life that are short-lived. Never focus on your critics and naysayers. Don’t answer your critics, if you want to answer destiny’s call.

Never fight to protect your reputation; rather strive to preserve your character and God will take care of your reputation.

Only engage in a fight against the attacks that threaten to stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Your destiny is worth fighting for because it matters to both God and humanity. And when we give our battles over to God, He will fight for us as we rest in His unfailing love.

Fight to live your dreams, never fight to relive your pains and revenge on your adversaries; fight to consistently produce results in destiny, and never fight to be approved by people.


Fight for things that will outlive you; those things are destiny matters. Never fight for things that perish in the use; those are destiny distracters.

This is huge: if you want to keep your success drives perpetually turned on and achieve consistent success you must absolutely drive out envy, jealousy, greed, hate, and the willingness to settle for the status quo out of your life.

Never permit yourself to sink low to engage in actions that pull other people down but instead intentionally help people climb the ladder of success.

Talents and skills mean nothing to keep you successful until the kind of person you are means a great deal which makes life give you the best deals of success.

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