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MENTAL DIET: How To Gain Emotional Stability

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“We do not fully comprehend what we can do with our emotions. When we control them we have power. When they control us the results are often disastrous.”


There can never be success or failure in life without emotions coming into play. The peaks and lows of life are triggered by emotions. The dynamics of life revolve around emotions. Emotions are an integral part of life because human beings are emotional creatures.

Emotions undergo a spiral of changes both positively and negatively. Emotions, if not controlled and directed, can spiral out of control and emotions spiraled out of control can lead to a life out of control, culminating in destiny wreckage. Emotions managed effectively are an invincible force for good.

When you habitually talk about negative emotions you feed them and it increases their intensity and grip over your life. However, when you focus on positive emotions you feed the positive and starve or weaken the corresponding negative emotions; hence the negative emotions lose control over you.

Taking absolute responsibility for your life creates a sense of control and this stimulates positive emotions.  Abdicating responsibility for your life or irresponsibility produces negative emotions as life spirals out of control. Mismanaged emotions are a disaster to destiny.

You do not need to consult your feelings to determine how to behave or respond at any given moment rather you consult your previously thought-out values based on timeless principles to determine your response to any given event.

Mismanaged emotions are the gateway to indulging our excesses; unbridled passions and impulses. Emotions do not always viewed through the lens of right and wise choices rather emotions for the most part view life through the lens of how it feels good at the moment.


Feeling good rather than thinking right is the predominant pursuit of emotions. Consequently, emotions are not on the truth quest rather it is on the feeling good at the moment quest.

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