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“Nothing is more important in life than believability. When you lose that, you have lost the essence of favor, love and success.”


Success is the most sought-after word in the world but it is also the word that is the most misconstrued. Success has its bedrock on impact, which has its offshoot from a credible character. A lifestyle of impact is centered on building lives and influencing destinies. But only a few people lay hold on permanent success because many are ignorant of its foundation, or they just don’t want to pay the price to lay a solid foundation.

Success in life is built on certain fundamental principles which form the basis of its sustenance. Each time you choose what is right and act in harmony with moral conscience you build and strengthen the foundation of success which is your character.

The more you choose what is right over what is wrong, the easier it gets to live in harmony with what is right by habitually choosing right. Each time you choose what is wrong and neglect or ignore your convictions or moral conscience, there is a crack in the foundation of success – character; your character becomes weakened. The more you choose what is wrong over what is right, the harder it gets in choosing what is right over what is wrong.

Consistently, choosing what is wrong over what is right in a matter of time destroys the foundation of success – character because choosing what is wrong becomes a lifestyle or way of life.

Character is thoughts concealed and revealed through action at an opportune moment or time; character is what you do when no one watches you or will never know; it is who you are in private; it is what you say about those who are absent.

As the saying goes, “life does not give you what you want but life gives you what you are.”Life’s promotions and demotions come through the test of character. Every triumph in the test of character leads you ahead on the course of true or good success. Every failing in the test of character retrogress your life and deteriorates the quality of your inner life.


To sum up: All of life is a test – the test of character. When you begin to live in the awareness of this truth, you begin to take seriously the development of character in preparation to win whenever your character is tested knowing that therein lies destiny promotions.

Your real character is revealed under life’s pressure and under the pleasure of power and money. Your choices reflect your priorities and your values. You can’t keep rising in life when you always stoop low in falling into temptation.

The values you uphold determine the value you create and attract in life.

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