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“A state (business, marriage, family, relationships, etc.) to prosper must be built on foundations of moral character, and this character is the principal element of its strength, and the only guarantee of its permanence and prosperity.” (Paraphrase).

-Jabez L. M. Curry.

As emperors rise and fall, kings are enthroned and dethroned, nations progress and retrogress, the only valid substance which makes a difference in sustenance is the foundation. In every evolving society, the only platform on which civilization accelerates and progresses is the platform of a formidable and viable foundation.

Every building needs a strong foundation, which determines the durability, capacity, and height of the building. The kind of building to be erected determines the type of foundation needed.

A skyscraper will have a different foundation than a bungalow. Attempting to build a skyscraper on the depth and strength of the foundation meant for a bungalow is foolhardy because the building will collapse as surely as the sun rises in the morning. And great will be the fall of the building because the sustaining factor is absent. So it applies to human lives.


The sidelines of life are filled with storylines of the narratives of peoples’ lives on the timeline of life who possessed great talents and gained an offshoot to the limelight only to experience a crashing down in a matter of time because they did not take the time to build a solid foundation that could sustain the height of success.

They gained celebrity status but failed to build the dedicated servicing of their inner lives. They possessed the secondary greatness of recognized talent but ignored or neglected the primary greatness of sound moral character, they end up forfeiting greatness altogether and settling for the low life.

A high soaring destiny necessitates a quality foundation that will stand the test of time. There are certain principles or virtues that should constitute the core of our personality if we want to rise in the world. The deeper these principles are ingrained in our nature, the higher and greater our lives become. And our influence will become much more powerful than we could imagine.

If you want to build a shack, you do not need a quality foundation; you may as well ignore or neglect these principles. But be warned, neglecting these principles while at the same time desiring to have a high-soaring destiny will lead to destiny wreckage. We can never reap what we’ve not sown; this is a law that cannot be trampled upon.

Permanent success is not a “hand-me-down” thing of which you can manipulate some of the techniques in order to lay hold of it but rather it is the product of principles consistently applied as a way of life as you journey on the highway of success.

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